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How's your practice doing this year?...

Let me guess, you'd like a stable stream of clients and to stop feeling lost in marketing your wellness business? But these days, it can be difficult to build a solid foundation for your dream business. there a way to get out?

Absolutely! There's no need to go it alone and accept losses. Instead, why not start learning how it really works in 2024? You can begin right here, right now.

Built a whopping 400K+ social media community in 2018, but it ended up being a DEAD END for my career

A lot of companies and professionals always focus on likes, subscribers, and beautiful posts. That's what I've been doing wrong. Following a misconception, (unfortunately) I became very good at attracting an audience for almost any topic.

But then I ran into a major problem... I have an audience, but... how do I sell? Why aren't they buying? How do I create a funnel to get people to sign up and buy within a week?

These questions were pivotal in my life, and after just a month, I started working in a completely different way.

My first online wellness product had gathered 2,000 subscribers and resulted in 800 sales in just 5 weeks.  

This experience showed me that sales strategy and techniques are important, not just the size of your audience.

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Done-for-you storytelling marketing funnel

I can create a high-performing website, a working sales funnel, and a 90-day marketing plan to boost your wellness business.


Guide you through the steps of building your first funnel

Let my experience guide you as you build your first sales funnel for your digital product & consultation bookings. You can do it yourself!

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- No more client drama! Finally feeling that peace and actually getting to spend some time with family

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Years of experience in lead generation and strategy planning


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Wellness coaches and experts built a marketing funnel from zero

Tired of crickets? Attract clients who VALUE your wellness magic!

The secret to successful marketing is understanding that it's an exact science that doesn't tolerate rash actions. Every post, every word, and every photo should carry a conscious message.

Posting funny content and running ads just to get likes or views is not a sales strategy.

To sell, you need the right tools, used strategically at the right time. Ask yourself:

What's really better, 100 likes or 5 paying customers?...

That's the power of storytelling. It's a solid and lasting sales methodology that you can easily implement on your own, starting today.

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